Thursday, August 25, 2005

Zoning restrictions

So around the time of CC's third attempt to go to sleep tonight, theCSO climbed in to bed gleefully declaring that the new comprehensive plan for Fairfax County is now online.

Oh joy.

He says I should read it and he will quiz me. I suggested he summarize the high points, but he says he will email me the whole thing.

For practice, he asked me where in downtown McLean the county was planning to put in a traffic circle and I got that one on a lucky guess.

We TIVO county council meetings.

It's safe to say that we both played way too much SimCity as kids.

It was about then, then being about 2:30 in the morning, when we heard banging around downstairs. Arguably CC would be the bigger threat in a bar fight, but researching weird noises in the night is theCSO's job.

He comes back up to report that I might want to come downstairs.

An obviously intoxicated Oliver was there with a friend whom I hope was his ride. He was searching through his old stuff for some identification papers.

"Guess what! Mom and Dad bonded me out! I'll take care of Grandma for a month so Mom and Dad can come stay with you!"

Oh joy.

Taking things in a stride given that the trial is in like three weeks anyway so likely this will solve itself.