Sunday, August 28, 2005

You kids did NOT tell me...

Apparently, Seminarians are a wild bunch. The always amusing Society of Mutual Autopsy has a lighthearted essay on the subject.

I have to admit, ministers must walk a weird line. Circa 1966, my high school best friend's mother went to the doctor on an army base. She married the doctor a year later. I know that doctors and ministers could use their positions of power in an abusive way, and I guess the possibility that they could means they shouldn't ever.

Of course, I've gone to the church of a minister who regularly used his congregation for a dating pool, dating three different women. He made a tacky joke from the pulpit about one of them (though he didn't give her name.) I thought that was awful. But joke aside, I didn't necessarily have a problem with his behavior. I thought he was major icky and wouldn't have dated him myself, but hey, whatever.

I guess the joke is the problem, though, and how things like that tend to happen because we're all human and human beings sometimes behave badly when their relationships go south.


Ps. I cannot WAIT to see The Corpse Bride. I heart Tim Burton.

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