Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dog update

Dog is in surgery. Is expected to recover but be very expensive.

Am aware, yes, that "my Siberian husky used the glue that we're using in redoing our house to ruin my oriental carpet" is the definition of "luxury problem."

Back to work.



fausto said...

Glad the dog will be okay.

I hope the workmen who left their Gorilla Glue within dog's reach will be invited to contribute generously toward the restoration of both dog and carpet.

Chalicechick said...

Something my mother said implied that she might have been the one who left it lying around. Either way, it was an accident and I didn't plan to persue that although I suppose I could.

A circle of carpet is unsalvageable, the rest is fine. TheCSO moved the fugly chair (which, naturally, matches the fugly couch) over the spot.


Anonymous said...

I hope your dog is fine. You have a wonderful turn of phrase.