Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Totally Anonymous Poll: Camel Birth? Or Desperate Housewives?

PB writes in her blog post about that Weeping Camel Movie

It's slow-going, but if the sight of a half-born camel colt's hooves hanging out of his agonized mama's hindquarters doesn't grab you, definitely get back to "Desperate Housewives."

Sounded like a good topic for a blog poll to me.

Camel placenta? Or Eva Longoria in one more tacky lace nightie?
They let Felicity Huffman ACT? Please, the camel
Bree Van de Kamp is my future self. Besides, I hear Terri Hatcher will deliver a camel baby in season two anyway. Put me down for "Housewives"

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Anonymous said...

Ya know, both options really sound painfully boring.

TheCSO said...

I need more information before I can answer this. Is the sound on or off?