Thursday, August 25, 2005

Tell it.

We all know that CC gets rather zealous on the subject of church not being the place that tells you what you want to hear politically.

Today, Peacebang gets her wrath on about a related topic, being told what you want to hear religiously.

Though I have special dislike for the practice when it is about politics, even doing it religiously doesn't work for me.

After the church I grew up in fired Mary-who-Dances, my first stop was the MCC since I figured that since gay issues drove me out, the MCC would be a good place for me.

They were just way too happy over there. And I'm sure those people needed to hear that everything they did was just fine with God (and in a choice-of-mate sense, I'm sure they are right, but they preached it in a far more general lovey-dovey sense than I am comfortable with), but it was all too happy-yet-theologically conservative for me.

Call it my Presby roots, but I like to be afflicted and challenged in church. It doesn't feel right when I'm not. I usually bitch about having to hear about how the congressional Republicans are trying to ruin social security* and other sermons that tell me that "See, the liberals ARE right."

But really, having my own theological comforts so relentlessly catered to isn't any better.

Anyway, upshot is: Peacebang's post kicks ass and takes names.


* Ahem. Let's be clear. Some congressional Republcans pulled for it, but it was the lack of enthusiasm among congressional Republicans that killed SS reform. And frankly, SS reform would have given us Al Gore's lockbox and it was always going to be voluntary. It wasn't the best deal for everyone and it wouldn't have saved SS. It likely would have given the government WAY too much power over the stock market.

But it wasn't the level of political evil a social policy should have to be to get talked about in church.

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PeaceBang said...

Well gol, thanks for the shout- out. I had to rewrite it a couple of times but I'm satisfied with the latest version that I just this second completed.

We're like the Waldord and Statler of church-going. Loves it.