Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I actually did get as indignant as I was supposed to reading this article. I mean, my opinion of Utah justice is not high and even I was a little apalled at arresting the paid security guards at the door (who had been confiscating drugs) for drug posession.



fausto said...

Any Untah legislators among your clients? Perhaps one who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee?

TheCSO said...

The police also have a possible financial motive for arresting the guards. It sounds like they were doing work that's reserved for off-duty officers only, which was effectively money out of the officer's pockets. I'm not saying that this WAS the motivation - it sounds like this was just an "arrest everyone" incident on flimsy pretenses - but it certainly doesn't look good.

I do have to wonder if this bust would have happened, or would have been as brutal, if the organizers had hired off-duty cops for event security. Doing so is far from uncommon, and many clubs hire officers because they are a very effective supplement to their other security. At an event where the bouncers knew they would have to seize drugs, I do have to seriously wonder why they apparently didn't want any cops around.