Friday, August 19, 2005

Work Nerd.

How sad is it that the three bosses at my firm either took the day off and left at noon, and one of them called to say the rest of us could leave at four, and I'm still here because I had stuff to do*.

Pretty damn sad, that's what I'm thinking.

Other sad things:

  • I actually defended Tyler last night in class because he was thinking his way through a math problem out loud and the other students apparently decided that I was going to say "yep, that's right!" and move on or something because they kept interrupting him with questions.
  • Desperate Housewives won my poll with 62 percent of the vote
  • I just realized the (fully clothed) Asian lady on CK's calendar is Michelle Malkin. I peeked and next month is Condi, who, despite my toothism, I'd rather look at.
  • I drove Stupid Dog home from the hospital. He was wearing one of those Elizabethan collars one puts on a dog to keep him from chewing himself. My big worry was that people looking into my car would thing I was one of those lame people who dress their dogs in silly outfits.

OK, printer is done. I'm sending some faxes and going for sushi at the sushi place I think of as Caligula's because after you've eaten at their buffet, you feel like life can offer you no pleasure that you haven't seen.

*No, blogging doesn't count as "stuff to do" but I'm printing a big document so my computer is sort of busy.

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