Saturday, August 27, 2005

Yes, John McCain is a cool guy

But he's really quite conservative.

who has had to make that point several times over the last few years and thought she would strike pre-emptively this time.


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, I was just arguing this with a freind of mine who happens to be a Republican.
I found mysslf arguing that the posession of a certain amount of integrity doesn't qualify one as a liberal. In fact, being sa conservative and posssing integrity might make McCain mor daangerous to the liberal cause thaan the clowns who happen to be running things now.

Anonymous said...

How would possessing integrity make him more dangerous?
I don't think it could. If he honestly disagrees with me, that's ok with me. It't the lies and hypocracy that are really harmful.
Lying is stealing: if you lie to me you are stealing my ability to make decisions based on the truth. This also restricts my freedom and independence.
A man with integrity will listen, can admit mistakes, can change his mind, will consider new evidence. There's hope.