Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Some people...

This article is just one more piece in the continuing puzzle I'm trying to solve about how other people's financial lives work.

How DO other people may age afford to go out drinking? I used to go out drinking one night a week to a bar with no cover charge and I was still dropping like forty bucks in drinks and tips that one night. (Now thanks to my stomach getting really sensitive to alcohol, I usually have maybe half a drink because more will make me queasy and more than that will have me puking like a Freshman after her first kegger.) But lots of people I know seem to go out three of four nights per week and most of them work in crappier jobs than mine.

Other people my age seem to be able to afford to drink and buy lots of clothes and vacation all the time. I don't get it. Credit card debt can't explain it all. Maybe it's just a perceptual thing.


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PeaceBang said...

I was just talking about this with a friend and marveling that many people I know have bought houses and raised three children on my salary. Meanwhile, what's my problem? I should have a tidy little place in Maine by now!

Well, I can blame grad school loans for a lot of it... but
really, I blame my affluent upbringing. While I'm very financially responsible, frugality just doesn't occur to me. Not having been raised to consider the price of things is a huge detriment. I am working on it (yes, Suze Orman was right with the whole "pay yourself first" mantra) but really, to think frugally requires something akin to a conversion experience.