Friday, August 12, 2005


Grandmother's back at home with my parents. I have a day off from Grandmother duty though tomorrow I will be over there. Kinda bums me out because the American Museum of Visionary art is having a sale tomorrow. I probably shouldn't be spending the money anyway, but goodness that place cleans out my soul.

It's sort of weird that I one of the more effective people for grandmother duty. I can often talk her into eating, something my cousin has never achieved. (But then, my cousin does tend to talk to people like they are small stupid dogs.) The nurses encouraged me to come around, saying she is better when I'm there. "She likes you," one explained.

And Tyler was back in class last night. Last week, I called my supervisor at the testing center and asked her if she'd talked to Tyler about why he was taking the class again from me when apparently my teaching didn't work last time. "He says he likes you," she reported.

Funny, when I was a kid, I always wanted to be popular.


Ps. I do have opinions on religious humanism, of course. I'll get to that tonight maybe.

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