Thursday, August 25, 2005


So a few weeks ago, I read on an old BITB comment that you could find the worst UU website ever by googling Unitarian thong. So I did it, which got me the UU church in Las Vegas. Their site didn't look all that bad to me, so I assumed I did something wrong. I was having a distractible sort of day, so I didn't keep looking, but just went on to do something else.

Tonight, I showed theCSO the last post basically to get his OK on the fact that it paints him as a city planner rather than a fighter. He reads Fausto's last few comments on the "Bad Unitarian" post and decides to find out what the original Unitarian five points were as he shares my disdain for the UUA seven principles.

He decides to google Unitarian Five points, and, of course, as he types the first few words, Google cheerfully offers to complete the phrase "Unitarian thong."

Silently, he gives me the funniest look I have ever gotten.

"I love you," he says.

OK, sleeping. Take four.



fausto said...

Hm. I just googled "Unitarian thong" and the site I think BITB had in mind didn't come up. (It was in Florida, if I'm thinking of the same one as BITB.) Maybe they responded to constructive criticism and overhauled it.

On the other hand, if the sometime existence of the site has led to a deepening of the marital affections of two devoted UUs, perhaps BITB's original scorn was misplaced!

fausto said...

If the CSO is still looking for the Five Points, by the way, here's one place to find them.

TheCSO said...

I was. They're surprisingly hard to Google. Thanks!

Chalicechick said...

Four and five are my favorites.