Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Worked and taught, and spent much of the time in between waiting for a call that never came. So I'm tired and a little cranky.

My students were inquisitive, asking me why certain answers were wrong. This is a good sign as they are comfortable with me and really thinking about the reading comprension work we're doing. But it was also kind of irritating.

Two of my students are nurses in my grandmother's hospital and both offered to look in on her. I love my students. They do cool stuff like that. One time, I had one at Johns Hopkins look into the girl who tried to steal the CSO while he and I were at different schools. (She'd told the alumni magazine that she was at John's Hopkins, which I'd hoped meant that she was a janitor at John's Hopkins. No, she's a graduate student. Kind of amazing that Johns Hopkins let in a girl who bombed organic chemistry three times, but whatever.)


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