Friday, August 05, 2005

Happy Friday

The CSO's and my network is still not letting me send email or post blog posts from home. The CSO swears it is a problem Verizon is having, not something with the new network.

Last night was a long math class, but was Tyler-free. Math is, of course, the section Tyler needs the most help in. Ah well. Horses to water.

CK, Hazel and I went to a bar right after work and I had to scramble to make it to class on time, but ultimately did. Still, we have a standing appointment to go get something tonight when we can have a real talk about things.

Our usual bar, the bar-that-sucks-less-than-one-would-think, is too far from my class, so we went to a newer, cleaner, less smoky bar. The waiters flirted. I like this new bar, but suspect everybody will want to go back to the old one. Ah well.

Random thoughts on stuff UUs are posting:

Modoblog is right The Quaker Economist rocks.

I would seriously love to get the Bible Video game that Lof-Fi Tribe is talking about. If I turn up a copy, I will totally play it and review it here.

Jfield raised a kcikass question about to what degree non-Christian clergy can speka on other religions without doing the much-maligned "speaking FOR other religions" that nobody wants to do. Boy in the Bands responds well.

That history channel thing on evolution looks cool. I probably won't watch it, though. Somethign about educational TV doesn't work for me.


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Anonymous said...

LOL. CC, as much as I cringe at the thought of New Testament disciples in a video game console ... I too want to "convert a drunken pagan via the finger of God!" I'm not making that witty line up, you can indeed convert a drunken pagan via the finger of God in the game! The curiosity is just too much to bear. ~ Shawn