Friday, February 26, 2010

A criminal justice *headdesk* actually turns out OK, kind of

Remember the guy who got his $17,000 seized by the cops because he might at some point in the future buy drugs with it?

He's getting his money back. Not with interest, mind you, but as criminal justice *headdesks* go, this is a remarkably good outcome. The decision is here.

today's criminal justice *headdesk* is older, but fresh in my mind as the guy in question spoke at GULC yesterday and I was there.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

You probably had to be there

"What are you working on?" The Alto said to Jana-who-creates, who was knitting during a break in choir practice. I had been at the church and come down to hang out with Jana during the break.

"It's a baby blanket," Jana said, "For her," she said, indicating me. About five pairs of choir eyes, the Alto's included, were suddenly on me as I stepped backwards, waving my hands in protest " give to a friend" Jana finished, having noted the confusion.

Sucks to disappoint the choir.


Addendum on Amy Bishop

When the "professor denied tenure shot some of the people in her department" story came up, I wondered if her invention was really as impressive as some of the initial news stories claimed. The technology to keep things at stable temperatures isn't new and to me it sounded like something that would have been put together a long time ago if it were something that Biologists really needed. Climate control and remote cameras aren't really new technology, after all.

I wrote to an actual biologist about it and she pointed out kindly that she was a plant biologist and only microbiologists would need Bishop's invention. Beloved-by-CC New York Times science writer Gina Kolata has written that my initial suspicions were more or less on the mark.

Also, yes, UAH-Huntsville is going to get to keep at least some of the proceeds from said invention, which is, I assume, why the UAH president was hyping it as this big technological breakthrough.

I am morbidly fascinated with this woman, which is weird because I haven't really given much thought at all to the guy who flew his plane into the IRS building. This is partially because the guy who flew his plane into the IRS building comes off as such a dumbass when you read his manifesto. The whole act just starts to seem like a giant temper tantrum from a lunatic who couldn't deal with the fact that he had to live by the same rules as everyone else. I don't know why Dr. Bishop should be more interesting, maybe it's just that she initially seemed like a normal person who snapped and more and more investigation has unveiled that she is so not.

I'll probably spare y'all after this, but I'm going to be reading whatever is written about her for awhile.


CC doesn't think Kinsi is a bad Unitarian at all

Though she's very much enjoying his series about why he is one.

As objectionable as the phrasing "bad Unitarian" is to one who takes the creedlessness aspect of UUism seriously, the basic idea that we should examine the ideals we've set up and see if they are really the ideals we want is sound and is something we should do more often. I don't entirely agree with the conclusions Kinsi comes to, but I can appreciate his process and I think it's something we should be open to.


Ps. Criminal justice *headdesk* of the day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If CC were snowed in in the Pittsburgh airport

the results would look a lot like this, but I'm not as cute:


Ps. Criminal Justice *headdesk* of the day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Why didn't they have The Huffington Post to back me up for all the stuff I got in trouble for when I was a kid?


Ps. Criminal justice *headdesk* of the day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Obligatory snow picture

Sent from my iPhone

Question for my readers who are in academia

I've been reading about the scientist who shot several members of her department at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

The Wall Street Journal article linked above says, in part, "According to a 2006 profile in the Huntsville Times, Ms. Bishop and her husband invented a cell-growth incubator that promised to cut costs and maintenance involved in cell generation."

She had been at the University since 2003 and the president of her university said her invention would change the way biological research is conducted.

Regrettably, I'm no longer on a liberal arts campus, though I have a question in to a biologist about if she thinks that's the case.

But taking the UAH president at his word and assuming the idea was revolutionary, given that it was invented while Ms. Bishop worked at UAH, does that mean that it belongs to the University and that the University keeps all the potential profits from her idea even though they had just kicked her out the door?

Now THAT'S a motive for murder.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hiding out in North Carolina

So Tuesday night, just as the snow was starting, theCSO and I got the car out and I headed down south to the liberal arts school where I went to college. I'm crashing with my Smart Friend Pam, who teaches there, and am making an effort to get some homework done despite the fact that it is not at all clear that any of the reading I'm doing will ever be discussed as people are arranging their schedules.

It's been nice to hang out with Joe-the-Math-Guy some. My favorite thing about being on the campus of a liberal arts school is that I can just pop by and ask a biologist if I have a biology question and I've gotten to do some of that.

So. anyway, that's what's up with me. It's not much, but it beats being stuck in the house. TheCSO is headed to an anime con back in Virginia. So everybody's good.


Sunday, February 07, 2010

I'm so teaching my dog to do this before next football season



Ps. You only need to watch the first ten seconds or so. It doesn't move on from there.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

I got nothin' today

So let's look at a picture of Uma Thurman as Medusa.

I'm trying to figure out a topic for a paper for my Supreme Court seminar and generally moping because it looks like I will be snowed in this weekend. I don't respond well to being snowed in.

Anyway, expect pouting and complaining and feel free to cheer me up.

who, were she Medusa, would stay away from stuff that could be used as a mirror, such as the little apple on the back of a first-gen Iphone.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Hmmm...Tim Burton show at MoMA

Sounds promising, but I'm wondering if it would be too crowded to really experience anything. I don't get as much out of art when I have to experience it in a big crowd. Hmmm... Will think about it in a month.


Monday, February 01, 2010

Who dat?

While I lived in New Orleans, there was a really hilarious sportscaster named Buddy Diliberto. Once, he announced that if the Saints ever went to the Superbowl, he would parade down Bourbon Street in a dress.

Diliberto died in 2005.

For the first time in 42 years, the Saints are headed to the Super Bowl, and few days ago, 80,000 people kept Bobby's promise. For a city famous for parades, the results aren't visually impressive. But it moved me to see so many having a great time doing something ridiculous for the team they love.

When I lived in New Orleans, I didn't like it. I felt like it was an insulated community and if you hadn't been born there, you didn't matter to anybody. I was honestly happy to leave. But between Hurricane Katrina and the Saints going to the Superbowl, I've come to realize that the place really got under my skin. New Orleans still matters to me.

The economy sucks, Haiti is still a mess and we don't have universal healthcare so it is probably stupid to care about football.

But I love a good triumph over adversity story.

(And I haven't forgotten Indiana stealing the Colts from Baltimore.)

Who dat!


Church and Diets

A friend of mine used to say "religions are like diets, everybody always wants to talk about what works for them."

Lizard Eater looks at that theme in more depth in a post today and I really like what she comes up with.


Ps. Criminal Justice *headdesk* of the day. And it's really just the tip of the iceberg where Sheriff Joe Arpaio is concerned. My favorite story is the "County detention officer steals a file from a defense attorney right in the middle of a trial" one." Some of the upshot of that is reported here and you can see the video here.