Saturday, August 06, 2005

Wi-fi sweet wi-fi

Not being able to blog from home has put me in serious withdrawal, so this morning I headed for Panera to finally blog for a bit and eat a soufflé. (Panera's soufflés are not great soufflés. But as food goes, they are still pretty good.)

My family is being stressful again. I'm noticing that as people go to jail (both brothers at this point) and to the hospital (grandmother,) their pets are starting to concentrate on the remaining law-abiding and healthy relations. In addition to our cats Boris and Cool Disco Dan, the CSO and I are now responsible for Stupid Dog and my old college cat Agatha.

Agatha is a great cat and may be my favorite cat I've ever had. I stayed with my grandmother for the summer between college and grad school and when it came time for me to make to New Orleans for Grad school, my grandmother gave me the Old-Lady-in-a-big-empty-house-alone speech and I with great regret let her keep Agatha.

So now I'm back to looking over Agatha, which is more a pleasure than a chore, though at least Stupid Dog lives in my house. Still, driving a couple of miles to feed Agatha and let her in and out works for me and lets me keep an eye on my brother's friends who are staying there. (Cue the impending trouble music)

When the ChaliceRelative goes in for her knee replacement, she will leave two cockatiels and a small yappy dog in her apartment. I'm hoping my mother will take on those.


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