Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Oh, those poor mistreated union truck drivers

Paul links to a badly thought-out rant by a poor white male truckdriver who complains bitterly that the poor white men of America would just LOVE to vote for a Democrat that was really looking out for the interests of lower-middle class working people.

Gee, I bet he would LOVE a candidate who really wanted to take steps against outsourcing and was even going to offer tax breaks to help companies that had outsourced and then foud it wasn't working out to vome back. A guy who wanted to offer a manufacturing jobs credit and a hiring credit to encourage companies to expand and who also wanted to increase the minimum wage. A candidate who had new ideas, liike starting a major project on renewable energy that would have meant tons of jobs and could have theoretically gotten us to a point where we were no longer Saudi Arabia's bitch. Wouldn't employer-provided prescription drug coverage be nice? And an expansion of unemployment insurance? And a guy who voted "yes" on a bill to allow members of the Department of Homeland security to unionize? Bet people like Fred would love a guy with a 91 percent AFL-CIO voting record.

Of course, they had a guy like that in JOHN KERRY.

But, gee, Bush talked such a good game about patriotism and surely a man who wants to keep gays from having rights and women from having abortions must have American values? Right?

So people like Fred voted AGAINST Johhn Kerry in droves.

Poor whites were, again, suckered into voting against their own interests.

I'm sorry geniuses, if you want liberal candidates VOTE FOR THE MORE LIBERAL CANDIDATES and then running as a liberal will be worth it.

But as long as poor whites are voting with their prejudices and not their brains, it's NEVER going to be worth it.



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Anonymous said...

But, what's the solution? How can we get them to vote their best interests instead of their prejudices? How can we get them to vote liberal morals rather than conservative immorals?

Chalicechick said...

Logic courses in the public schools?


Anonymous said...

I'm so old, that when I went to public schools, we HAD logic courses!