Sunday, August 21, 2005

Clean house, boring blog

Sorry guys, I went on a little manic spree yesterday, deciding after Grandmother duty that I was going to paint my dining room and rearrange the furniture myself. It was wacky. Thing is, it looks great now. I did faux plaster walls, moved an oriental carpet in and moved the fugly chair in as well, covering it with a brown cloth. I bought and hung brown drapes and moved the first bookcase from the library down. Soon I will move some more and line the walls and have a really spiff study.

I moved the dining room table into the living room, took out the leaves and am calling it a desk. Probably at some point, I will swap the piano and the new desk, which will put the piano back in here. But even on a manic spree, I wasn't moving the piano.

Anyway, upshot is, my dining room looks awesome. The rest of my house is slightly yuckier from all of the clutter that got moved in, and my foot has been unhappy about my having dropped a table leaf on it, but I will survive.


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