Thursday, August 04, 2005


I’m in a good mood for no rational reason as yesterday was not an especially good day. We had a slightly embarrassing but ultimately minor issue at work, the ChaliceRelative called and gave me the standard lecture about how my sainted brothers have been through so much and I proved myself a bad Granddaughter by for the second day in a row not making it over to see my Grandmother in the hospital.

I teach tonight, so I will probably go see her Friday.

Last night, CK and I went to an event planner event and drank free Margaritas. (I know, I know, rough ol’ life being CC.) I met some cool people and we swapped “living in Washington” stories. (E.g. The bartender who explained that if a guy in a nice suit tells you that he can’t tell you what he does for a living, you should ignore him, he’s a putz. But if there’s a guy dressed really plainly who looks sort of hardcore and you’re talking about bars and he brings up one in Kabul, go ahead and give him a free drink, he’s probably done a lot for his country.)

Too cool.

I really don’t get out enough. I should do that sort of thing more often.


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