Monday, August 29, 2005

Good reading

CC finds herself really enjoying The So-Called Neighbor Saga, in which iBeth recieves a petition that her neighbors have written objecting to the color of her house, and then goes around confronting the ones who signed it (and thanking the ones who didn't.)

Given how quick I am to sign petitions typically, I suspect she will find a few pissed-off nieghbors and a bunch who objected a little bit but wouln't have said anything and mostly just signed impulsively.

CC has never lived with a homeowner's association, but theCSO has. When we pass someone who has, say, a bathtub Virgin Mary in the front yard, theCSO likes to say:

"Gee, nothing says 'I don't have a homeowner's association' like that!"


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TheCSO said...

It just infuriates people with petitions when I insist on reading the whole thing first. Especially if, after reading it, I find that I don't agree and therefore don't sign.

I've heard a few versions of "It doesn't matter, just sign it anyway!" And the worst part is, I'm sure that works on some people.