Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sorry, CC, your life isn't interesting enough, but maybe if you were pretending to be Eleanor of Aquitaine...

Yet another UU blog is saying that our blogs aren't properly amusing him. How odd. He says that in looking at a bunch of blogs he sees only personal confessionals and politics screeds. Still odder.

I suppose that both of those happen here, though my most recent personal stuff has mostly confessed that I find I am having to really struggle to be the ever-flowing teat of nurture and unquestioning love that women are supposed to naturally become when there's a sick old person around. That's not a confessional in the typical sense, but I'll give it to him anyway.

Still, even giving him that, I am totally baffled as to how he could read our blogs and come up with the idea that those two are all or even most of what we do.

His suggestion is fictional blogs, historical fiction blogs and alternative history blogs. This is under, one assumes, the theory that if Fausto is a cool guy and Paul Revere was a cool guy (two premises I agree with), then a blog where Fausto pretended to be Paul Revere would be twice as cool. That math doesn't work in my head the way it apparently works in Dan's.

Anyone who finds the idea of a fictional character blog that interesting is welcome to check out The Lotion and the Basket, which is a woman pretending to be Jame Gumb, the serial killer in Silence of the Lambs. No greater Silence of the Lambs fan than CC walks this earth, and she thinks the writing on the blog is good as people pretending to be serial killers go, but still, something about a fictional blog leaves her cold.

A guy wrote a pretty famous blog as Julius Caesar. Again, well-written. Again, leaves me cold.

I guess what I'm getting at is that if you want people to do something with their blogs and are planning on getting snarky about it, at least be nice and:
  • Check out your local RSS aggregator and verify that your claims about what they are currently doing are really fair
  • Google to see if five thousand other people aren't already doing it and
  • Hop on blogger yourself and try your suggestion out to see if it's really, really hard to do well.

Personally, I find people writing about their own lives interesting enough.

who, yes, is aware that Master Yoda's Blog kicks ass. It's the exception that proves the rule.


TheCSO said...

You DO have to admit that thinking your really lame idea is a brand new one no one has ever had before is very UU of him, though..

fausto said...

Did somebody say I'm not Paul Revere?

I never said I'm not Paul Revere.

Why would you think I'm not Paul Revere? You are too much of a slave to your Humanist ideology. Here in New England, the world is full of ghosts, and everyone knows they are real.

Perhaps you missed my post last Patriot's Day?

Anonymous said...

Strangely, I didn't read Dan as commenting on UU blogs -- I thought he was commenting on blog genres he knew about generally. (And I also thought he was musing out loud about genres he might be pigeonholed in or was thinking about trying.) I put his request in a UU context, but not because I'm bored of what everyone is up to.

Chalicechick said...

Umm... Sorry Fausto. My bad?

I never said he was talking about the UU blogosphere. I did give examples of how there is more variety in the UU blogosphere than he said there was in the entire blogosphere.


TheCSO said...

And I was just being snarky..

fausto said...

To arms! They're still coming. They're just not "British" anymore.

(Of course, nobody called them "British" in 1775, either. That was later mythmaking.)

Then and now, them's us, and we all still need to be Minutemen.

Anonymous said...

Well, CC, I actually like *your* blog -- it's well-written and doesn't fall into blog stereotypes. (In fact, the few UU blogs I do read are literate, entertaining, inventive, and well-written.) But lately I've been coming across a lot of really crappy dull stereotypical blogs. Faced with such a situation, you'd get all snarky -- but me being who I am, I get all nicey-nicey rah-rah c'mon campers let's go!

Yours snarkily, Dan Harper