Saturday, August 27, 2005

Questioning the standard liberal view of things, or as we call it here at the Chaliceblog, "Tuesday"

If we're bitching about the fact that poor people can't get fresh vegetables, why do we bitch when Wal-Mart wants to open up a supercenter with a grocery store downtown?

I don't want one in my town, but there aren't a whole lot of poor people in my town.

Thinking back to the Wal-marts I've been to, I know that upper middle class people hate them.

Poor people seem to love them.


Ps. I know it's Saturday. Tuesday's a funnier day.


UUpdater said...

the vast majority of the complaints I have heard in regards to Wal-mart are as a result of the way they treat their employees, not the customers. Soit's good for people to shop and get lower prices, but not at the expense of some of the unfair labor practices of the organization.

Jess said...

Not to mention the damage WalMart does to manufacturers by offering them contracts they can't refuse, then insisting the suppliers lower their prices to the point where they're not making any profit. Ask Vlasic if they regret their contract for the $2.97 "big jar" of pickles. -

Farmer's markets are actually cheaper than any grocery store for vegetables, and much much more of the money goes directly to the farmers than when they sell to large stores.

Chalicechick said...

Honestly, I think the companies WalMart deals with can take care of themselves.

As for farmer's markets, first off, the farmer's markets around me are MORE expensive than the grocery stores. (Also, my nearest farmers market is open on Wednesday mornings. I can't go.)

But more to the point, at least in DC, as far as I know a poor person would have to take the subway to a richer neighborhood to go to a farmer's market.