Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Want to learn to hate humanity? Run your church fellowship dinner

I am in charge of my church fellowship (a.k.a. fundraising) dinner and I'm getting cranky.

Even having Judge Judy on in the background (I love me some Judge Judy) is not improving my mood.

My issue?

Old ladies.

Now CC likes old people, generally. But why is it the one group of people who doesn't get the whole "fellowship dinner" concept is one group of old ladies?

Part of the point of the fellowship dinner is sitting with some new people. They have written on their forms that they all want to sit together. They all know that they aren't supposed to do that, but somehow they don't listen.

I'm of two minds on this one.

Part of me honestly doesn't care. If they want to sit together rather than socializing with the rest of the church, I'm half inclined to let them. This is not a montessouri school. If people want to be cliquey jerks, whatever.

But the thing is, we have table hosts and NOT ONE of them volunteered to host. So I guess what they want is for someone else to set them a nice table, take their wine orders and then sit quietly while they talk to each other.

I'm not their maitre d' and I'm pissed that they are treating me as one.

Watch me cave tomorrow.



Obijuan said...

Don't cave!!!!!! If they want their own table, set them up in the preschool room at the little chairs :-)

boyinthebands said...

(In a chantng cadance) Don't cave! Don't cave! Don't cave!

Obijuan said...

That's two ministers voting for no caving.

Of course, it's always easier to make that call when it's not your church ;-)

turqUUoise said...

Right, there are lots of irritable,tyranical,UU's disguised as members of the "Ladies Sewing Circle"

Don't cave!
It's their responsibility as members to be kind and welcoming to other newer church members.

They can all go out to dinner somewhere if they just want each others company.

I hope you let us know how this works out--good luck!

PeaceBang said...

Don't cave, CC! Or if you do, say really nicely, "There's a $20 surcharge per head for those tables who assiudously violate our church's commitment to hospitality and fellowship. I'll come by for your check that night between the entree and dessert."

chutney said...
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chutney said...

If you're not up for it, Evil Chutney will be happy to get his jackass on for you. He just loves shaming the shame-worthy.

Steven Rowe said...

I probably would just send a nice note gently reminding them of the purpose of the dinner, asking them if this purpose means that they would therefore need to rescind their reservation? And of course, i would sign someone else's name to the letter.