Thursday, March 30, 2006

CC coulda been famous.

I pitched almost exactly this idea (my version was "24 hours in WalMart) to my editor four years ago when I was a reporter. I even offered to not put in for overtime.

My editor said it was stupid and turned me down flat. Now this kid is famous.




LaReinaCobre said...

I definitely like the story about the kids staying in the new york museum of natural history better.

I don't want to be in Wal-Mart for more than 45 minutes, never mind 41 hours. I'm not even clear on what the story is.

Psyton said...

Seems like it's not a total loss, you can send an email to the editor and say "looks like it wasn't a dumb idea, and you stifled my creativity" or something similarly snarky.

<3 the CC, that would have been a cool story.