Thursday, March 16, 2006


One of my YRUU kidlets goes to Sidwell Friends, a Quaker private school in Washington DC.

She told us the other day that the death of kidnapped Quaker pacifist Tom Fox in Iraq had been a big blow to her school and to the Quaker community. They'd made a point of praying for the people who had killed him.

I heart Quakers.



fausto said...

I heart Quakers, too. My mom grew up in Quaker schools and camps, and my wife went to a Quaker college, and several kids on my block when I was growing up went to Sidwell, and my grandparents spent their final years happily in a Quaker retirement community. The news of his death took a little wind out of me, I must admit.

Psyton said...

Quakers are awesome.

I need to look in to see how many of it's beleifs tie in with Tauntalism

PG said...

Isn't Sidwell Friends where Chelsea Clinton went? This is an awful gossipy question, but is it very expensive or a relatively sane private school?