Monday, March 20, 2006

New UU blog

G et thyself to Auspicious Jots and check out the blogosphere's newest UU blog from VA.


Ps. If you're a DC area UU blogger or UU blog reader, shoot me an email at Chalicechick at gmail dot com and I will make sure you're included in the discussions as we form plans for our own blogger picnic. (Though I'm still pulling for a roadtrip to Boston...)


UU-Mom said...

You know blogging, and especially blog reading, can be almost full-time and most of us do other things. When would we have time for this get-together? And traveling to Boston on top of it? I suggest that people who want to take a trip to Boston become a youth advisor and go with the youth - lots of fun that way.

Well, I am in the DC area. I don't even have time for the upcoming JPD Conference, but maybe some other bloggers will be there. I hope to hear more about what you're doing.

Chalicechick said...

Right now, it looks like in a few weeks we will all get together for a meal. The lady who writes Auspicious Jots will be in DC and we can all get together with her.

Last year, TheCSO and I went to the blogger picnic in Boston. We made a little vacation of it and stayed with Fausto. We had a good time, except I had a fender bender on the way. We're happy to go again but I'd rather not drive the whole way myself, so I'm hoping someone else from my 'hood will be into going and sharing driving.


The Jotter said...

OK, two things here: as for the picnic - I can do April 8 or May 6.

As for the name for chalice blog readers: flamers (rambunctious title), chaliceans (sounds biblical), Cha-blowers (a rap-like pseudo acronym), or People With Discerning Taste (a Miss Manners approach.)