Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A new, but irrational, reason to dislike Anne Lamott

Longtime readers know that I'm not a fan of Anne Lamott's. I once detailed my reasons why extensively but Anne herself is now adding to the list.

She wants to have a cheesy hippie revolution on July 14.

This is annoying for at least two reasons that are obvious at 1:30 at night:

1. The last revolution that started on Bastille Day didn't go too well for anyone involved.

2. A hippie revolution in July 14 means everyone in America will be too stoned to remember my birthday the following day, and we all know how bitchy I get when that happens.

That said, I should not allow anyone to believe that Anne Lamott is the true enemy of this blog. After all, Nora Ephron sucks so much harder.


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