Monday, March 27, 2006

This is stupid, but I like it.

The Movie Timeline pretends that everything that ever happened in the movies really happened and puts the events in timeline form.

So, you may be asking yourself, what happend in 1978? (Other than the birth of CC...)

1978 Donnie Brasco
Atlantic City - Gambling legalised (Atlantic City)
Metropolis - Superman appears for the first time (Superman)
Taxi begins on US TV (Man on the Moon)
FBI agent and criminal profiler Will Graham comes out of retirement to hunt an elusive serial killer, enlisting the help of Hannibal Lecktor (Manhunter; Red Dragon)
New York - Michael Corleone's investiture (The Godfather trilogy)
January: London - The funeral of Olympic athlete Harold Abrahams (Chariots of Fire)
January 8: Superbowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys is interrupted by a terrorist attempt involving the hijacked Goodyear blimp (Black Sunday)
July 4: David Scott Freeman falls from a tree, and seemingly jumps through time (Flight of the Navigator)
July 4: Forrest Gump celebrates Independence Day at his home with Jenny Curran (Forrest Gump)
October 31: Haddonfield, Illinois - Michael Myers murders a-plenty, and may or may not die himself (Hallowe'en)

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