Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gotta love Trumpy

Ihrealize television blogging is the lowest of the low, but y'all know I love The Apprentice.

A few things:

-What is the deal with everyone hating Brent? He hasn't been great, but plenty of other people have dumb ideas without getting this much acrimony. I guess his team is using dislike of him to bond to each other, but they must know that they suck for that. It looks like next week he's going to lose his temper. Maybe he will get fired. Sigh. Life's not fair. I would have lost my temper at least a week ago.

-Did Lenny really compare competing in the Apprentice to serving in the Israeli Army? That's awesome in it's own weird way. I kind of love him.

-The Apprentice the only show on television where people unironically say things like "A horrific golf event."

-Andrea is everything I hate about yuppies and everything I hate about hippies combined. And crying in the bathroom is such a "Dylan kissed Donna in front of the whole school! My lfie is over!" way to behave.


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