Saturday, March 18, 2006

Anybody know a skilled web designer?

I think all this monkeying around has given me a good idea of what sort of look I want in a blog. I want a gray color scheme with touches of red. I want drop caps and pull quotes and photo caption and a more magazine-ish look. And I'd like a little bit more flexibility in the way my blog appears.

Anyway, I'm thinking of moving off blogger. Does anyone know a good web designer who works cheap?


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Anonymous said...

... also where and with whom you will host it. Hosts are plentiful, but some are much, much better than others. Do your homework, and ask around before paying for the first one you find. (mt) Media Temple is one of the best out there, IMHO.

I'm with Scott, Wordpress is great. You can also import all of your Blogger posts too.

As far as designers are concerned I have personal access to some of the best via 9rules. If you are really serious about your design let me know and I'll point a few of them in your direction. Peace!