Thursday, March 02, 2006

Giving up snark for lent

Last year, there was some discussion of the concept of giving up snark for lent.

I'm going to give it a serious try this year.

Naturally, as soon as one looses something, one starts to think about what it was and how one valued it. I'm realizing that snark can be a wonderful thing.

Those who think snark is all about negativity don't quite get it. I've been told that pointing out bad things is the sign of a pessimistic or depressed person. I disagree. Things are bad, whether you point it out or not.

For me, snark is about taking something bad and recycling it into something funny. Tragic things, annoying things, even flawed things that you love are all materials for making offbeat verbal art.

But snark is the tool I reach for most quickly when I am faced with a negative situation. And it is always good to give new tools a try. So if you came here looking for snark, check out the archives.


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