Monday, March 20, 2006

Other things I got in trouble for as a kid that were actually sort of cool.

I got quite a few page hits on my story about getting in trouble for my science experiment as a kid, so here are some other sort of amusing things that got me in trouble as a child. (The astute reader might suspect that there were actually some extremely irrational things I got in trouble for as a kid and those stories aren't funny. That's true, and I'd reccomend that anyone for whom this is the case write about some of their childhood injustices. Even just writing up the funny ones has been a very cleansing experience. Isaac Hayes would tell me I'm cleaning up my engrams, no doubt.)

1. As a forth grader, CC learned in class that the proper way to ask the government for change is to write a petition and get other citizens to sign it. CC promptly drew up a petition saying the teacher gave too much homework. By the next day, the entire class had signed it and CC proudly presented it to the teacher. Mrs. Ray was very angry. CC was sort of hurt as she really liked Mrs. Ray and even to this day CC thinks her teacher could have been A LITTLE pleased that CC had so obviously taken the lesson to heart.

2. One time, little CC (probably about seven at the time) was floating in the pool and decided to float face down. The ChaliceRelative tapped CC on the shoulder. When CC looked up, the ChaliceRelative snapped "You were trying to make me think you were dead, weren't you!"
"No," little CC said.
"Don't lie, you were floating facedown like a dead person to scare me!" she responded "Get out of the pool for ten minutes."
CC glumly got out of the pool and sat down on the grass, too full of dignity to explain that she had actually been pretending to be an alligator.

3. As an eight year old, I told my brothers that their birthday was the "Twelveteenth of Floptover" and that day and that month had been cancelled. "See! Look at the calendar! That month and that day aren't there!" My brothers, who were then four, reacted with a delightful amount of drama, far more than CC had expected. TheCSO loves this story and sometimes claims our anniversary is th Twelveteenth of Floptover.

4. At the dinner table, a ten year old CC once announced "I don't like boys. They're mean. When I grow up, I want to live with another woman like the Aunt Jackie's friends Georgia and Kathy" My parents did put up with TheChaliceRelative moving two Cuban lesbians into our basement for six months one time when I was a kid, but their liberalism still only goes so far. A horrible scene ensued.

5. CC, in Junior High school, once came home early on a snow day. The picture doesn't show it, but our* garage is built into a hill. So CC has an idea. She gets a trashcan lid and goes up to the hill and climbs onto the garage roof. CC and her brothers were still sledding off the roof when her folks got home from work.


*"Our" now meaning mine and theCSO's. We bought my parents' old house. They inherited another house and are retiring on the money theCSO and I paid them. CC lives in her childhood home.

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LaReinaCobre said...

I notice that you and a few other bloggers (such as Peacebang) frequently refer to yourselves in the third person. Was this something carried over from beliefnet?