Wednesday, March 15, 2006


George Burns once said something about how an audience that has paid a lot ot see an expensive show comes prepared to be entertained, but free audiences are just implacable. He didn't say it quite that way, but that was his jist.

Tonight, CC was royally bitched at for some ten minutes by a lady who is very angry with the church and seemingly with the world. (We'd had the lady down for the wrong night, so we did make a mistake, but she was rather dramatic in her reaction to our assigning her to a table on the correct night that she thought inferior.) She made it clear that this was my church's big chance to impress her and win her back as a member and CC personally was screwing it up.
CC listened, tried to make sympathetic noises and managed to say several wrong things before the conversation was over.
When we at long last rang off, CC put the phone down and sat down on the floor and had a good weepy girl cry for a bit. Mid-cry, she noticed that she was mostly thinking about how much she missed Margaret.

Better now, but looking forward to the stresses in her life being fewer.

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Anonymous said...

Your story of the mean lady who made you cry made me think of a book I bought last night: The Sociopath Next Door.
It says that one out of twenty-five persons has no conscience AT ALL! And that those of us who have consciences have trouble recognizing those who don't because it is so unimaginable for us.
an interesting thought.