Sunday, March 05, 2006

Linguist friend and I were discussing 666, the number of the beast, tonight.

In honor of that:

668: Neighbor of the beast.

1-888-666-6666: "the Toll-Free Number of the Beast"

$665.99: "the Retail Price of the Beast"

00666: "the ZIP Code of the Beast"

0.666: "the Number of the Millibeast"

Route 666: "the highway of the Beast"

6.5013:"the natural logarithm of the Beast"

333: the devil doing a half-hearted job,

Which makes √666 = 25.8068 the square root of all evil.


Additional numbers of the beast I thought of today after reading Joel's comment:

666EZ - The Tax form of the Beast

000666-0000666 - Docket number of the Beast's Divorce from Mrs. Beast

664 - The other neighbor of the beast.

667 - the sequal to the beast

Max Factor 666 soft black - the Mascara of the Beast

Beverly Hills, 90666 - The teen drama of the Beast

∏666 0r 2,091.25 - the Circumference of the Beast

TI666 - the Graphing Calculator of the Beast

666 Monkeys - The depressing Science Fiction movie of the Beast

666 Math, 666 Verbal - The SAT scores of the beast

Windows 666 - The Operating System of the Beast

867-5666 - The booty call of the Beast.




1 comment:

Joel Monka said...

how about:
www.666.orc the URL of the Beast.

6666-6666-6666-6666 the Mastercard of the Beast

666-66-6666 the Social Security number of the Beast