Tuesday, June 14, 2005

When I grow up, I want to be as sophisticated as Nicole Kidman

I really do like all the men I've ever dated. I'm glad I'm not with my exes, but I'm either friends with them or they aren't in my life but I don't have hard feelings.

But I do dislike some people. And if someone I really didn't like was making a complete ass of themselves to the degree that Tom Cruise is, I'm not sure I could be as restrained about it as Nicole Kidman is being. (If you follow the link, it's the second item on the page.)

I saw another interview where they asked her about scientology and she said that she'd looked into it and it really wasn't for her, and she was probably still a Catholic girl at heart.

Now having the chance to slam Scientology and not taking it is probably more survival instinct than refinement. Their lawyers are legendary.

But I still admire Nicole's grace through all of this. It has to be difficult.



fausto said...

You must never have dated any of the guys PeaceBang has dated.

Chalicechick said...

Here's one of Rob Brezny's horoscopes from this morning:

It's Feel Gratitude for Your Ex-Lovers, Old Flames, and Divorced Spouses Week. One of the best ways to celebrate is to stop thinking of your old relationships as failures. Instead, regard them as classrooms where you learned valuable lessons about intimacy. Think of them as practice sessions that helped you figure out what you really want a loving bond to be. Acknowledge the fact that even if you believe your former partners did you wrong, they were great teachers. I urge you to send them thank-you notes, or at least honor their memory with silent bursts of gratitude.

who knows it was Saggitarius, but is regarding it as her own this week.