Friday, June 24, 2005

The ever-popular CSO

Last night, CC and TheCSO went to the fish store to get a little fishtank vacuum for Klaus. (The fish, after all, is for my father to enjoy, so we’re trying to do most of the caretaking.)

The CSO is the sort who will carefully examine his fishtank vacuum options and, after thoughtful consideration, chose the absolutely best one. CC is not. So she wandered away, playing with the cats for adoption and fantasizing about being the sort of person who blows $2000 on a parrot.

When she returned, TheCSO was showing a guy the chichlid foods and helping him make a choice. It was then that CC noticed that the CSO’s polo shirt matched the store d├ęcor.

The following dialogue occurred:

CC: Are people mistaking you for an employee again?
TheCSO: I guess so.
GUY: You don’t work here? You sure know a lot about fish food.
CC: He knows a lot about everything.
The CSO: Nice talking to you
(The CSO blithely wanders off. CC and the guy remain at the fish food.)
GUY: You have GOT to dress him better, honey.
CC: I leave for work before he does.
GUY: Too bad. He’s cute, too.
CC: Ayup. I’ll keep him.

And we wandered away.

thinking today about the subtle dances we do, and primal rituals unspoken.

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