Sunday, June 19, 2005

Hello, Klaus

When I was a little kid, the ChaliceMom and the ChaliceDad kept tropical fish. They'd gotten away from it in recent years, but the CSO and I figured that it might do my Dad some good to get back into it. So for Father's Day TheCSO and I got him an Oscar Chichlid and a tank.

Oscar Chichlids, it turns out, are extremely cool. The guy at PetCo (who was very knowledgeable about fish) told us that Oscars are very smart, one of the smartest fish in the world.

Klaus, my father's new fish, seems like a good example of the breed.

My family doesn't really do internet access, so I'll have to wish the ChaliceDad a happy Father's day in person. But I hope all the Dads reading this have a smurftacular Father's Day, too.


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