Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Sometimes, when liberals do stupid things, I smile.

I think it's the position I'm in professionally. Though I'm pretty liberal myself, I work for Republicans. And the Republicans I work for are, on the whole, really nice to me. I work hard, they appreciate it, occaisionally politics comes up during lunch. Peace in the valley.

But I get an unending torrent of crap about it from my liberal friends.

I am constantly asked to defend this or that conservative thing, justify my choice of workplace and in general prove that working for Republicans hasn't made me a punk.

I have become more and more sensitive to liberals who complain that conservatives don't think for themselves, but take Paul Krugman's work as gospel. Conservative hypocrisy is old news. But liberal hyposcrisy is something I see an awful lot of.

Do I think liberalism is ultimately the best direction for the country? You bet.

But all the same, is it nice to, occaisionally, be able to say "Boy, the liberals were totally wrong on that one!" to my liberal friends who see things in black and white?



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Rev NDM said...

I have to say that I would find it very hard to work for Republicans.

And I’d find it even harder to have to play “defend the Republicans” to others. While I sometimes fantasize about working in politics (my cousin used to work in Deborah Pryce’s office and I was jealous for about a minute and a half) I think it would just wear me out mentally.