Thursday, June 02, 2005

How does Nora Ephron suck? Let me count the ways...

She's totally unfunny, first of all.

And you have to suck pretty hard to sound like you're name dropping when talking about your own ex-husband, yet she manages it somehow.

And the when I have a secret that is critically important to my husband's career, I know I always tell a loudmouth twelve-year-old who blows it to the kids at summer camp. I guess when it's your ex-husband, that's ok, right Nora?

And her simpering know-it-all tone...

And, well, read it yourselves.


Just Grr.

who advises Meg Ryan get Neal Patrick Shanley to write all of her future movies.

Ps. Turns out AlterNet hates her too. And in much greater length and detail.

*Edited after I reread her peice and found myself hating her anew.*
*Edited again after PSC sent me the Alternet link*


Anonymous said...

I thought she was kind of joking in the post. Maybe not. But she did leave out Fred Fielding, my favorite candidate for Deep Throat just because a) he was on the 9/11 commission; and b) a friend works at his law firm and it would be so cool to work for Deep Throat.

PeaceBang said...

My response?
"Oh Nora, bite me."

That chick IRR-I-TATES me.

Anonymous said...

No one will probably read this but....PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE STOP HER. I hear Nora Ephron will write & direct Reese Witherspoon in a Peggy Lee Bio Pic. Reese could be great but with Nora Ephron involved it will definately be a
snooze. She is so bad and yet they let her continue to make movies why????