Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Everything cool (and even some mediocre stuff) turns to crap

Snagged my hose this morning and had to run by the grocery store. On the way out, I passed those machines that dispense little toys when a kid puts in a quarter.

It had those tacky plastic Lance Armstrong bracelets that people wear to support various causes. (Usually disease research.) Now whether the charities actually saw any of this money in the end is up for debate, but at least the people buying the bracelets were well-meaning.

But now people aren't just paying ten bucks to charities of dubious origin for plastic bracelets. Now one can get knockoffs.

I'm not immune to the charm of a good knockoff. I've fallen pray to a knockoff Chanel bag on Dupont circle once or twice. But Chanel is not an organization supporting those who can't totally support themselves. (At least not since the Karl Lagerfield years—Oooh couture cheap shot...)

But seriously, there's something just so depressing about people wearing fake charity bracelets. And I didn't even like the real ones.



Anonymous said...

Those bracelets are really stupid.

TheCSO said...

Those tacky things started out as charity bracelets? I'd always thought they were a tacky thing that charities picked up on for some reason..