Monday, June 06, 2005

Book bits

1. I have a really bad suspicion that I'm going to read The Washingtonienne by the end of the summer. Please, people. Blog a lot and keep me intellectually stimulated so I don't stoop that low.

2. It's a damn certainty that I'm going to read the new Harry Potter novel by midsummer. And I'm not especially proud of that one.

3. So far The Science of Good and Evil is quite good, absolutely Shermer's best. Got another two chapters into it while eating lunch at my local sushi bar.



Anonymous said...

Chalice Chick: How about a Summer Pilgramage? Your ultimate goal would be: Pacem in Terris which is located at: 96 Covered Bridge Road in Warwick, NY.

This includes books in preparation. This is the home and creative place of a 97 year old 'saint' named Frederick Franck--he has written many books. Of late three have been published that portray Pacem in Terris. Those are: The Tao of the Cross & The Oxherding Parable; Ode to the Human Face; and A Zen Book of Hours.

Who knows you might even get to meet Frederick Franck and it could participate in transforming your life--or not. If interested let me know for there are also guides who could be of help--more people to meet and sights to see. Think about it.

Cheerfully, Roger

Anonymous said...

I'll be reading Harry Potter this summer, too. Funny story about Harry- my wife was reading a newspaper story to me about how children were gobbling up Harry Potter books, even boys who notoriously don't like to read. I asked if the writer were female- she said yes, why? I said it was typical of female grade school teachers to missunderstand- boys love to read; they just don't love to read books about pigs falling in love with talking spiders. Coffee came out of her nose.

Joel Monka

Chalicechick said...

I'm not really a Pilgrim sort of girl. Tell me the Mayflower wasn't air condiitioned and I'm off the boat. The CSO and I are headed to Boston we think at some point and I'm definetely going out to see my linguist friend in Ohio. And I think we have a wedding in Michigan to go to.

Yep, Joel's a funny guy.