Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh, so THAT'S what that was about...

Last Sunday, CC was in a meeting where a rather upset person talked about how conservatives were training their young people for jobs in politics and how conservatives would soon be taking over America.

I calmly pointed out that:

A. Even if they are well-trained for government work, conservatives still can't run the country if we don't elect them.

B. Even if conservatives do a good job getting to college kids, lots of people change their beliefs after college.

C. "Will and Grace" is still winning the secular culture war.

To which the person pointed out that these kids weren't being raised in the secular culture, they were being homeschooled.

Now, I'm thinking she read this.

And having read it, I applaud it. These folks are in no way training evangelicals to compete against Democrats. Rather, they are training them to compete against Republicans for staff jobs and leadership positions.

May I encourage the evangelicals to take as many positions in the Republican party as they can possibly find. In fact, if the entire party could be run by people who isolate themselves from the popular culture and don't believe in kissing until marriage, that's OK with me.

And people say the DEMOCRATS are out of touch? Give the Republicans ten years.


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