Monday, June 27, 2005

A totally different Cosmos

Transparent Eye is quoting at length one of Jack Abramoff's emails. It's the one where he asks a rabbi to give him an award so he can list said award on his application for the Cosmos Club.

Like several other people I've talked to about the situation, Rick uses the email as an illustration of Abramoff's devious nature.

Actually, it's that very email that made me feel for the guy.

The Cosmos club is for rich people, sure, but it isn't necessarily for politicians or business leaders. It's for scientists and artists. People who have really created something. It has its share of rich people, too, I grant you, but Jack Abramoff wasn't doing it for the job connections. He didn't need any more connections.

He was doing it because, in reality, he is likely a sad little man who just wanted to be somebody.

He was doing it because the guy that the other kids used to call Abraham Jackoff in high school. And now those kids are writing about it in Slate.

I bet if I were in his shoes, I'd want to be in the Cosmos Club, too.

who actually wouldn't turn it down even without his shoes. Richard Feynman hung out there sometimes. Sweet!


Anonymous said...

Richard Nixon probably had those pathetic private moments too.

Anonymous said...

I've dined twice at the Cosmos: once when I precandidated at a certain local Universalist church, and again (with a different church/club member) when I candidated.

Nice club. But I have other goals in life than joining it.