Thursday, June 23, 2005

From a hero to a tree

Anybody want to count the levels on which this is depressing?

I don't even want to start.

who is finding the entire internet depressing these days.


TheCSO said...

Eh, it's Berkeley. I don't really consider crazy far-left stuff that goes on there representative of anywhere else in the country, except maybe the People's Republic of Amherst and a few other ultraleftist enclaves.

Now, if this was happening in places that weren't well known for making Hillary Clinton look like Trent Lott, *that* would be depressing. But since it's Berkeley, all I can do is laugh.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson is being unfairly maligned. Jefferson may not have freed his slaves, but he did something smarter: he OFFERED them their freedom: only three took it. Those he freed. It was too early in our history, how would freed slaves have lived then?
It appeared Jefferson believed in choice.
Also, when deciding what to fight for in the formation of our new country, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine made a list of issues, put them in priority order, and decided they could only work on six of them or they would be spreading themselves too thin and wouldn't get anything done. Ending slavery happened to be number seven on the list.
These two stories I heard from Clay Jenkinson, the foremost Jeffersonian scholar in the world.