Thursday, June 16, 2005

Newsflash: Obvious yet stupid idea stolen

Ok, these guys are claiming that their terribly original business plan for a Hooters-themed airline was stolen.

Two comments on this:

1. Hmmm... So what are the stewardesses wearing? Skimpy T-shirts?
What's the in-flight snack? Chicken wings and beer?
What's the in-flight entertainment? Sports?

Kids, I could write this business plan. That's a bad quality in a business plan because I know exactly squat about anything related to business.

2. What company is going to pay for corporate travel on this airline? Do you think they will sell a lot of family packages to Disneyland? Again, I know precisely squat about business, but I'm pretty sure "Guys on spring break and really expensive bachelor parties" is not a big enough market to sustain an airline.


1 comment:

TheCSO said...

Looks like they're set up more as a charter airline that happens to occasionally run fixed-route service. As in, they don't even have *daily* flights. More like one or two *weekly* flights.

And their hub is Myrtle Beach, SC.

It's a gimmick, and buying up a tiny little regional carrier and using them to run charters and occasional scheduled flights is giving them advertising. Hooters probably comes out ahead even if their airline loses money.

Airlines lose money when their planes aren't full. Keeping the plane full in regular, frequent service is hard to do. Filling up one flight a week for vacationers isn't hard to do, and with service that infrequent they probably only have a few planes anyway.

The business plan claims don't sound too solid to me. It would be interesting to see if the students can produce solid evidence that they were in talks - and still, if there was no contract when they presented the details of their business plan, I don't know if there's anything they could do about it anyway. This reminds me of the people who sue TV shows because an episode happened to do something the same way that something in their fanfic was done. Fortunately, that seems to have died down a bit for scripts at least - I haven't really heard about it much in the past few years.