Saturday, June 25, 2005

It's like she has a life or something...

Last night, I hung out at a bar with CoWorker Kristina, Hazel, one of CK's buddies and TheCSO. Ate too many nachos.

Today, I got a pedicure with Jennifer Beautiful and then we saw Bewitched. Ate too much popcorn.

I think I'm going to have a fat free yogurt for dinner and cuddle up with a book. (Shaking of the Foundations (a reread) and Confederates in the Attic are current reads. I'm liking them.)

Notes on the movie

  • Old guys looking to score with young women: You may want to see Bewitched and take notes. After this movie, CC is aware that in an alternate universe where she wasn't married, 72-year old Michael Caine could probably nail her. See the movie before you judge me. There's something about the guy... (And admittedly, CC had taken him for being in his 50s and was somewhat shocked when she looked up his age for this post.)

  • Shirley MacLaine was good as Endorra, but not as good as CC expected. At first, she's pretty awkward, but there's a nice twist halfway throught that improves things a lot.

  • Nora Ephron is a terrible writer. And if she has never seen Shadow of the Vampire I'll eat my hat. (I'm sorry, but do a bunch of actors really ever sit around and question one actor as if he/she is in character, having him/her improv answers? Because they do that in BOTH movies, to admittedly humorous effect even in Bewitched but still...)

  • Nicole Kidman manages to make a cheesy Marilyn Monroe delivery watchable for the whole movie. This seems like a significant achievement.

Ok, I'm grabbing a book and heading for bed.


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