Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dumbest injuries ever

Tonight, TheCSO and I were talking and we were goofing around and started kicking each other. Not, like, hard, but just screwing around. But I reached my leg around to kick him in the behind and now it really hurts like a sumbitch. I think I twisted my knee.

While I'm waiting for the asprin to kick in, three related but stupider stories.

1. PreCSO, the guy I was dating and I liked to shove each other off the bed as a joke. Like one of us would say something mock-insulting and the other person would shove them off the bed. One time, I fell off and brusied my tailbone on a copy of, I think, the Oxford Companion to Christian Thought. Rife with symbolism, that one.

2. Once, I was 19 and going to a Halloween party as Mae West. I was having trouble keeping the proper parts of me inside my bustier. So I decided to take a cue from the models and superglue myself into the bustier. Problem is, when superglue touches metal (like in an underwire) it gets really hot. I'm ridiculously fond of that particular scar.

3. When I was four, my mother said "Jump in the bathtub!" I did. Five stitches, which taught me at a very young age that being a literalist doesn't pay.

Feel free to share dumb injury stories in the comments. Unless they are really gross. Or really depressing, Or something.


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