Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Make your own joke day continues

Among Bush's pardons the other day, someone who killed bald eagles.

No, really.

_Leslie Owen Collier of Charleston, Mo., who pleaded guilty in 1995 to unlawfully killing three bald eagles in southeast Missouri. He improperly used pesticide in hamburger meat to kill coyotes, but ended up killing many other animals, including the bald eagles. Collier, who was convicted for unauthorized use of a pesticide and violating the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, was sentenced Feb. 2, 1996 in the Eastern District of Missouri.

Snark aside, the whole list is worth a look. It's a very strange-looking group of people. I wondered at first if the folks on the list had tons of support within their communities, but the air force drug dealer is from literally two miles from me and I've never heard of him.