Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Eve and CC can't sleep


There's something rather anticlimactic about having voted already.

Sure, it was convenient. Saturday afternoon, theCSO and I went to the county government center and waited in line for an hour. We talked and I finished The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For which, by the way, rocked.

Virginia allows people who meet one of about a dozen conditions to vote early. We got to vote early because TheCSO will be a poll worker* and I go to school out of state. Not FAR out of state, mind you, but out of state.

The machines were optical scan. Yay! And I even thought to get an extra "I voted!" sticker that I could wear to Starbucks tomorrow.

So that's good.

And it's not like Obama's done anything to change my mind in the last 48 hours.

Indeed, after I voted, I said to theCSO "Now we will go home and hear on the news that Obama tortured a kitten."

TheCSO responded, "If McCain's the alternative, I'm willing to believe the kitten had it coming."

Goodness knows I will be at the polls enough tomorrow. I drop theCSO off at some ungodly hour, then will take him a bowl of chili for dinner on my way to class, then will come to get him after the polls close.

The chili's our tradition.

But it still feels weird that my voting is already done. And I'm not nervous about the election, and indeed kinda tired of other people being nerous about the election, but I still can't sleep.

oh well


*I realize I totally have a nerd fetish, but to me there is something very hot about a man with a sense of civic responsibility.


ogre said...

Yeah, I'm with you. I signed up for permanent absentee in CA... so this is the first time I voted a couple weeks before the election (I sat with it and concluded that nothing within the realm of plausible could change my vote, and voted).

At this point, I'm at the "would the rest of you just get it OVER WITH?" stage. Sleep? Sleep is for Wednesday. I'm not sure I can go to sleep. The last two presidential elections, I have been very close to emigrating. This time, my beloved, the total cynic, is ready to if McCain wins (not that I think that's more than a 1 in a 1000 chance, tops). But were it to happen, we're gone. Some of us get opinions; some of us get our way.

(interesting word verification: "caffiess" -- which my mind wants to read as "caffeine -- yess!" So much for sleep.)

PG said...

New York state is extremely restrictive on absentee voting and doesn't have any early voting. So my Republican husband and I got up at 5:45 am to walk the two blocks to our polling site, where there already was a line for the 6am opening. It was getting pretty messy and chaotic even at that early hour -- I just hope everyone gets to vote.