Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Clearly, Chalicechick picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

Reasons why today has sucked so far:

1. Began with cat yowling at some unGodly hour.
2. Traffic jam
3. Busted copier at work
4. Generalized crankiness at work due to (3)
5. Project Runway isn't coming back anytime soon.
6. My billable hours are insufficient
7. My tax and contracts outlines are laughable.
8. There are depressing stories all over the place.
9. I have contracts class tonight
10. Smartcars take a lot of damage from deer and are costly to fix.
11. A 29-year-old guy recently died of natural causes half an hour after being repeatedly tasered by the cops. The depressing part about that is that it is FAR from the most depressing story about the cops tasering people that I've heard recently.


Love and Kisses,



Joe The Math Guy said...

An _Airplane_ reference!!! CC made an Airplane reference!!!

Joe The Math Guy said...

Just keep in mind that SmartCars aren't as expensive as Boeing 747's.

Chalicechick said...


But if I had hit a deer with a 747, it would be the deer that needed fixing.


PG said...

Was 10 there earlier today?

Anyway, I billed almost nothing today because there apparently was nothing for me to do (I'm really going to need to talk to someone about this...) and tomorrow I start jury duty, which may well kill the rest of month. Which is the month the partners particularly focus on for deciding bonuses.

So I'm feelin' ya, babe.

On the upside, NY courts have wifi; with luck I'll be able to bill from the jury pool room!

Robin Edgar said...

:But if I had hit a deer with a 747, it would be the deer that needed fixing.

The 747 might be beyond fixing if the deer in question was Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner or Blitzen (or any combination thereof). . .

Robin Edgar said...

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering if I have been sniffing glue, I am just once again using good old Unitarian *reason* here. ;-)

Robin Edgar said...

Somehow managed to forget Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer. . . Interestingly enough the word verification code for this post happens to be glorear. To the best of my knowledge, Rudolf had a nose that glowed but who is to say that he did not having a glowing U*U too? ;-)