Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An election day in the life of CC

(In which I liveblog an entire day that sure as hell better be historic)

4:58 a.m.
CC: Dude?
TheCSO: Yeah?
CC: What time do you have to be at the polls? Your alarm has been going off for like a weekend.
TheCSO: (thinks) Five a.m.
CC: It's 4:58

By 5:15, he's getting out of my car at the polls.

TheCSO: Love you
CC: Love you. Call me if you need anything.
TheCSO: Will do
CC: And text me to let me know how turnout is looking
TheCSO: Uh huh.


Stephanie said...

Your day is making me very very tired. I may take a nap on your behalf.

Anonymous said...

Me too.